Monday, March 21, 2011

New Batting Cages Constructed

Here you see the recently completed batting cage, built by funds raised by Washington-Lee Girls Sofball through various fund raising activities and donations from organizations, such as the SW Arlington Lions Club, Good Foods Inc, the Arlington Girls Softball Association and the Vienna Stars Travel Softball program as well a number of individuals who believe in providing for youth sports in Arlington. More photos can be found at the home of Washington-Lee Softball,


  1. Wow! What a great acomplishment for these young ladies and those that support them. These cages will be used by teams for many years to come, but only if they are kept safe and secure now. Arlington County Parks and Recreation....dont let the girls down. Protect their investment. Its for the GIRLS!!!!!!!

  2. Two years of hard work fundraising has paid off with a substantial improvement. This will benefit teams for years to come.

  3. Does anyone know how much the County contributed to cost of building these cages?

  4. PRCR contributed 13% of the total cost of the new cage. WL Softball has raised a lot of money in two years.

    In addition we have raised money and funded the following improvements to the field:

    - provided the original batting cage
    - rented a ditch witch and cut power to the original cage.
    - cut off 5" of soil and re-topped the infield APS paid for the new fill dirt.
    - built a new storage shed
    - painted the dugouts and rusting areas associated, $250.00 for paint and supplies

    This information is not a complaint – we know improvements are costly. We as a team of parents are dedicated to our girls – this is for the players – it’s really not about who does what, but improving the park where we and WLHS send the girls every day. The logistics of the current situation require several groups to work together to improve current conditions. This is something that can be positive and have an impact on the youth of WL for years to come. My daughter has been on the team for three years, to continue under the current conditions without talking about this would be remiss on our part. We just want to talk about making the park safer and more secure for our girls.

  5. I heard someone say that part of the deal was that that the W-L boosters would pay for the batting cage as long as it could be locked and used exclusively by W-L, unlike the field.

    Was that just an urban legend? The County said they didn't believe that was the agreement, but I heard someone say it.