Monday, April 18, 2011

How Not To Engage

Well, its been over a month that this blog has been up. And we have made numerous attempts to engage the County in a discussion with regard to the issues surrounding Quincy Park with very little progress. Inquiries are met with official emails that cite policy and procedures.  Little discussion takes place as no one in either the County or Schools will assume ownership for addressing the issues and begin a process of civic engagement. 

Our goal has been to engage in a discussion with the County's that would address the security and sustainment issues that abound in the Park , but at this point to little avail. We will keep trying to find a way to engage in a discussion. Does anyone have a suggestion?


  1. I heard that a representative from the County Board of Supervisors was at the field a few days ago to take a look. Keep up the good work. You may be having more of an effect than you currently realize!!

  2. What if the Arl. Public School system would say,
    'we want a safe, campus style facility for our sports teams who utilize Quincy Park?' Then they decide to work with Arlington County to improve the areas of the park that are utilized by the youth at WL? I think this is a good place to start. Accepting the same ole situation year after year is easy, making something better and right for the kids is the right thing to do.

  3. I don't see why you are going to the County? At Greenbrier and Kenmore and other facilities that are owned and managed by the County but get used by schools the plan is for • High school coaches, boosters and team parents should contact the Director of Student Activities or their Assistant to discuss practice and game field allocations and schedules, equipment needs/replacement, equipment purchases, storage, cost sharing opportunities, and athletic field maintenance needs. If the W-L DAS is not responding, go to the school board. I don't think Arlington County is allowed to respond to issues that are the DAS's job.

    If this wasn't an APS program (like if it was a community use issue or from an affliated team)the County maintenance team can be contacted directly.

    I think you are asking the County to do something it's not got the authority to do.

  4. Any time anyone sees improper behavior in a public park it should be reported. Emergency calls go to 911. Use the non-emergency police number, 703-558-2222, for matters that may be urgent, but not true emergencies. Park rangers regularly patrol parks. Call 703-525-0168 to report issues.

    Parents, students and park users need to be vigilant and call EVERYTIME. Just complaining after it happens or taking pictures of people hanging in the park isn't enough.